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How do I know what size dance shoe I wear?

Dance shoe sizes run differently than street shoe sizes. When you come into All That Jazz, one of our trained staff members will help you find the right style and size for your foot. It is important for your body’s health and safety that your shoes fit properly. This is especially true for children’s developing feet as well as adults wearing pointe shoes. Different brands and styles run differently so it is not uncommon to leave our store with tap, jazz, and ballet shoes in three different sizes!

How do I know what size dance apparel I wear?

Dance apparel sizes are similar to street apparel sizes. However, different brands and styles of leotards may fit your body in different ways. The best way to know for sure if a leotard fits is to come into All That Jazz and try on a variety of brands and styles from our large selection of dance apparel.​

What if the size shoe or leotard I need is not in stock?

At All That Jazz, we strive to meet the needs of dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, and skaters in our area. If we do not have an item in your size and it is a regularly stocked or basic item, we are happy to order the item for you. Please allow two to three weeks for your item to arrive and keep in mind that fashion items or seasonal items are not always available from the companies we order from.

Do you carry Zumba shoes?

Yes! We have a variety of dance sneakers that can be used for Zumba classes as well as hip-hop and jazz dance classes. These shoes generally run about a half to a whole size up from your regular street shoe size. We also carry activewear suitable for your exercise classes!​

What pointe shoes do you carry?

We have Russian Pointe, Grishko, Gaynor Minden,Capezio, Bloch, and Suffolk Pointe Shoes It is imperative that you are sized for a pair of shoes that fit you properly. Our trained staff can help you find the brand, style, and size shoe that work best for your feet. We also carry a large selection of pointe shoe accessories including gel and lamb’s wool toe pads, ribbon, elastic, sewing kits, cleaning solution, mesh bags, and much more! Allow at least 30 minutes for your pointe shoe fitting (extra if it is your first pair) and please call at least ONE DAY in advance to make an appointment!​

My dance studio requires that I wear a specific shoe, how do I know if you carry it?

At All That Jazz, we work together with local studios to make sure we keep the shoes you need in stock! Bring in your class list or ask us to check in our studio book to find what shoe style and color you need.​

Do you carry dance paws?

Yes, we do carry the Orginal Dance Paws. We also offer you a variety of shoe styles that are designed to protect the ball of your foot while creating the illusion of dancing barefoot such as Capezio FootUndeez, Capezio Pirouette shoes, and Body Wrappers Half Soles.

Can you help me find the tights I need?

The staff at All That Jazz will be happy to help you pick out the tights you need for your class, competition, show or recital. Make sure to find out from your dance studio what brand, style and color you need and we will help you find the tights you need from our large selection. We carry Bloch, Body Wrappers, Capezio, Eurotard, and Mondor skate tights in many colors and styles!

Do you carry more than dance apparel?

All That Jazz carries shoes, and apparel for dancers, gymnasts, skaters, cheerleaders and ballroom dancers. We have products for children through adults, men and women!

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